Thursday, November 15, 2012

Euro Tour :: Spain, Part I (Madrid Edition)

My four country tour of Europe began and ended with stops in Madrid. Powerhouse museums, fantastic architecture, color and light here. A great way to bookend my adventure.

Velazaquez overseeing the entrance to the Prado.

An Escher-like moment inside the Reina Sofia Museum.

Fiery Madrid.

El Recuerdo Monument inside El Retiro Park.
A beautiful Fall day in El Retiro.

Euro Tour :: Spain, Part II (Toledo, Sevilla, Cordoba Edition)

Made three mini trips within Spain using Madrid as my home base. Incredibly diverse places, symbolic of what Spain is like and what makes it such an interesting place that I will certainly visit again.


A copy of El Greco's "St. Thomas" painted on my iPad.
An amazing experience studying a work like this in the same building he lived and worked, and now a museum.
My signature was already there, honest!



Euro Tour :: Paris

Impressions from my week in the "City of Light".

Maillol Balance.

Centre Pompidou Vapeur.
Juxtaposition. Outside Centre Pompidou.

A cog in the contemporary art machine at Centre Pompidou.
"Ghost" by artist Kader Attia. Centre Pompidou.
3 Views of a Giacometti. Centre Pompidou.
Musee Rodin #1. Gates of Hell.
Musee Rodin #2. Gates of Hell, featuring Le Penseur (The Thinker).
Musee Rodin #3. Portrait of Rodin by Antoine Bourdelle.
Musee Rodin #4
Musee Rodin #5. Ugolino is hungry.
Musee Rodin #6
Musee Rodin #7
Sacre Couer / Montmarte
Parisian Sentinel. Le Eiffel from Montmarte.
This is Paris.