Sunday, July 27, 2014

The End of An Era, The Start of a New

Moving. What can I say?

Beyond the physical and mental challenge of moving, my studio relocation from 6th Street to the new one at Hill Street was surprisingly emotional. So much history, so much change in my style and approach, so much new art conceived and made there. It affected me deeply. As I begin to establish the new workspace on Hill Street, I wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to the one I've called my artistic home the past 6 years.

Getting ready to transition the studio from work mode to gallery mode for an open studio event in 2012.
An eerie scene around 1:30AM as the studio empties. July 15, 2014.
Back to the start. July 21, 2014.
Another view of the studio in full production mode circa 2012.
A whole other perspective on July 21, 2014. 
Serenity the night before an open studio event circa 2010. 
The sun sets on 6th Street.
The sun rises on Hill Street. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Making My Move. New Studio and New Art To Come.

The ease with which I found and leased this space, and the good vibes of the building and inside Unit #117 itself, suggest this was a match that was meant to be.

The layout, size, and location of this studio will facilitate so many things: creating much larger city and sky paintings, sculpting more, teaching art classes, and of course hosting the annual Reyes Fine Art Open Studio show for collectors, family and friends. Stay tuned!

High Ceilings, Skylight, Private Bath. Count me in!
Doing a little space planning…can't wait to finish "moving" and get down to "making"!

Missed The Culver City Art Show? A Taste of the Exhibit For You

Following the success of the first "Affair of the Arts" last September, I was invited to exhibit again along with 60 other artists June 7-8, 2014 in beautiful Culver City, CA.

The turnout was great, and the Southern California weather even better, for the festival. An engaged and enthused crowd came and sincere thanks to all the new people I met, and the friends and family who always support me at these events.

"New York No. 4 (Empire)" and "Aero No. 39 (Powerlines)"
Detroit No. 1 and Aero No. 32 (LA After The Rain)
Clouds Above, Earth Below:
Aero No. 9
Aero No. 8
Aero No. 5
Aero No. 4 
A summer working in Montreal and more recent trip to the top of the Hancock Tower in Chicago inspired these :
Montreal No. 2
Chicago No. 3
San Francisco No. 2
Aero No. 11A
New York No. 2
Thanks Clark & Erin for stopping by!
Until next time…thanks for looking!