Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Inside The Artist Studio: Shauna Finn

Meet Shauna Finn (www.shaunafinn.com).

Shauna's studio is in Jersey City, NJ just across the Hudson. We met at the International School of Art in Umbria, Italy during the summer of 2001. A Southern California native, Shauna made her way East to study at the New York Academy of Art shortly after I relocated to California from NYC in 2003. The dramatic evolution of her work since getting to NY has been amazing to watch. Her style and technique echo classical teachings, but her subject matter and concepts are purely contemporary.

What a space! If you're gonna have windows, they must be floor to ceiling.
A perfect setup to work big.
My personal favorite. 
Thank you, Shauna, for kicking off a great series of studio visits in NYC. Keep up the fantastic work.

Inside The Artist Studio: Howard Gladstone

Meet Howard Gladstone (www.howardgladstone.net).

Howard is a talented painter, sculptor and filmmaker. His current studio is located at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Of all the artists I know, I have known him the longest. He was the monitor of my first sculpture class at the Art Student's League of NY in January 2001. He was as generous then as he is now with his knowledge. And patient. Very patient...especially with a fledgling sculptor like me who had no shortage of questions as I was just starting my creative journey.

Howard's use of color in his landscapes…vibrant, striking hues, is remarkable.
Howard's Studio. Artist John Chandler stopped by for a visit, too.
Hard to believe it was almost 13 years ago that Howard helped me get started. Many thanks for that and the visit! 
Hopping the N Train back to Manhattan.

Inside The Artist Studio: David Kenneth Gordon

Meet David Gordon (www.davidkgordonart.com).

David's studio is on Riverside Drive in the Upper West Side. We met at the International School of Art in Umbria, Italy during the summer of 2001 and have kept in touch ever since. Classically trained, David is still investigating and pushing the envelope of the tools (and now technologies) available to artists today.

Some day I want a display wall like this one!
Getting to learn more about his iterative printing/drawing/painting process.
In his element! A great studio space.
A studio visit and lunch with David Gordon is a must anytime I'm in NYC!

Inside The Artist Studio: David Keeton

Meet David Keeton. His studio is in Midtown on 31st Street. He shared a project that really blew my mind. Incredibly, he figured out a way to draw an intricate line pattern across 8 sheets of paper that measures 1 kilometer long if you straightened it out.

David, with one of the 1K drawings. Not sure what it is? Please look closer...
Zooming in...
Close up. The impetus/concept behind this, and how he figured out HOW to execute it, literally blew my mind. 
Color introduced into the black and white concepts he has been developing. 

On Madison Ave with David Keeton.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

LA Artist Takes Manhattan

Meet Kelly Reemtsen (www.kellyreemtsen.com).

I've known Kelly, a Los Angeles-based artist, since 2004. She exemplifies the working artist life and has been a role model and inspiration for my art career.

I was thrilled to find out that her latest show, "America's Sweetheart", opened at the De Buck Gallery (www.debuckgallery.com) at the same time I was visiting NYC. So proud of her and in awe of Kelly's productivity, the quality of the concept of her series, and the execution of the paintings themselves. See for yourself…

Busy night at De Buck in Chelsea on a chilly Manhattan night!
With my date, Rachel! :) We're both huge fans of Kelly's work. 
Up close, you'd swear she paints with frosting. 
Catching up with the star of the show and friends.
My personal favorite. That orange…amazing!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Newest Collectors of Reyes Fine Art!

I'm happy to report there was a real buzz about my exhibit, "Cities & Skies: Travel-Inspired Art", at the show in Culver City on Sep 21-22. Who doesn't love to travel and see exciting new destinations and stare dreamily out the airplane window en route. In fact, interest was so strong...

Laurie D. purchased "LA Skyline (Night), No. 2" for her husband Craig. It came down to this one and another large LA Skyline painting but the color and proportions of this piece fit their Culver City home perfectly.
"LA Skyline (Night), No. 2" on display its one and only time.
The painting is home!
Laurie + Craig = Happy Couple = Happy Artist!

Congratulations to Lorilynn F. of Los Angeles for her choice of "Aero 2013.12 (Prelude)" which is the first study of my Aero Series to be painted entirely in oil using only a palette knife.

Lorilynn with "Aero 2013.12 (Prelude)"
And last but not least, thanks to Rolin I. of Atlanta (not pictured, though his painting is lower right below) for his purchase of "Madrid No. 1 (Study)" A potent oil painting capturing the sunset over Madrid, Spain inspired by photos I took on a trip there last October.

We LOVE red dots!

It's Not An Art Show Without The People!

Scenes from the "Affair of the Arts" in beautiful Culver City.

Entry to the Affair of the Arts
(Photo Courtesy of TW9 Gallery)  
Overview from the Culver Hotel
(Photo Courtesy of TW9 Gallery) 
(Photo Courtesy of Karen Rosen) 
(Photo Courtesy of Karen Rosen)
The young man said: "The colors are bumpy!" 
(Photo Courtesy of Karen Rosen)

(Photo Courtesy of Karen Rosen)
(Photo Courtesy of Karen Rosen)
With Artist Joan Scheibel.
(Photo Courtesy of Karen Rosen)
(Photo Courtesy of Karen Rosen)
Hans & Brooke!
(Photo Courtesy of Karen Rosen)

A Beautiful Weekend for an Art Show!

On Sep. 21 and 22, I set up shop along with 50 other artists in Downtown Culver City, CA. The weather was perfect and the people were ready to enjoy fine art. I shared over 30 works from my Urbanica Series and Aero Series under the theme "Cities & Skies: Travel-Inspired Art for the 21st Century". 

I am so grateful to all the old and new friends who made it out, and special thanks to the three new collectors of Reyes Fine Art!